About Skate To Great

At Skate To Great we believe skating should be a right, not a privilege for every child regardless of their circumstances.

A 2011 report on poverty in Canada indicates 967,000 children, one in every seven, live in poverty. In addition, more than 323,000 children belong to families that rely on food banks.

Skate To Great was founded in March 2012 with the mission of providing every child in Canada the opportunity to skate; regardless of their economic or physical circumstances. In May 2013, Skate To Great received charitable status and has collected and distributed upwards of 25,000 pairs of skates to date. The organization directly supports schools, programs and charities in Canada, which enable deserving kids and at-risk youth the opportunity to skate.

Skate To Great’s main initiative is to collect new and used hockey/figure skates along with equipment such as sticks and helmets for organizations that need them. Recipients then participate in programs that provide skating opportunities in a supportive environment.

Skate To Great is primarily run by volunteers who attend meetings and use our online portal to collaborate. The organization is always seeking new volunteers who can bring whatever it is that they do best to support all aspects of the administrative to on ice processes of running the charity.

We thank you for your support!

– The Skate To Great Team



Evan Kosiner, Chairman & Co-Founder of Skate To Great

Kaitlyn Weaver, Olympian & Co-Founder of Skate To Great

Andre Garber, Co-Founder of Skate To Great


Laurel Etkin,  General Manager of Skate To Great


*Job Titles may not reflect current job positions. Many positions listed were current as of time serving on our Steering Committee.

Aaron Dadouch (Firm Capital)

Adam Kahan (Vice President of University Advancement, Ryerson University & Board of Directors at The Canadian Club of Toronto)

Alex Portman

Andre Garber (JD, Director of Dentons Startup Program)

Brian MacDonald (COO, Siskinds Law and Siskinds Sports Management, NHLPA Certified Agent)

David Eilenberg (SVP, Development and Unscripted at Turner Broadcasting)

Emily Johnston (The Brand Factory)

Evan Kosiner (Owner, Kosiner Venture Capital Inc.)

Henry Thall (Hvr Technologies Inc.)

Nelson B. Thall (Hvr Technologies Inc.)

Jeffrey Kahane (Owner & Creative Director, EyeCON Creative)

Kaitlyn Weaver (Olympian and High Performance Athlete)

Mark Borer (JD)

Mark Mannarn (Founder of Minor Hockey Fights Cancer)

Stacey Bothwell (Legal Counsel at Siskinds Law)


Pricewaterhouse Coopers,

Damian Reid,

Stephen Anderson,

Phil Dewsbury,

Adrian Grundy,

Sarah Little,

James Anderson,

Pat Quinn,

Leslie McKeown,

Piper Gilles,

Paul Poirier,

Sheldon Levy,

Valerie Fox,

Lisa Jensen (Former Intern),

Jason Grossman, 

Nadia Farinha (Former Intern), 

Mark Corbett, 

Ian Schwey,

Chuck Bastie, 

James Holt,

Andrew Salvador, 

Dylan Rosen, 

Alex Foroozandeh, 

Ari Morgenthau, 

Dylan Moscovitch,

Elisabeth Paradis

Francois-Xavier Ouellette,

Asher Hill,

Kharis Ralph,

Danica Cortez, 

Rachel Krutow, 

Jeff Bezbrozh, 

Marlon Kubes, 

Karen Cochrane,

Josh Louie, 

Samantha Totera, 

Alexandra Jordan, 

Aurora Cacioppo,

Vicki Griffiths,

Alex Kolodkin

Dean Simonsky, 

Alex Chiu,

Kelsey Ostrander, 

Radu Nicolae, 

Kait Howell,

Gwen Elliott,

Eva Brass;

And the thousands of volunteers, staff and individuals who have assisted in making Skate To Great and are committed to every kid having the opportunity to skate in Canada.