Skate To Great is powered by the generous support of volunteers and donors like you. You can assist us in many ways.

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    Donate New or Used Skates

    We’re always seeking lightly used skates and equipment. Unfortunately if your skates are worn out we likely wont be able to use them. We do basic refurbishment by sharpening skates and placing new laces where needed.

    For drop-off locations, visit our drop-off locations map. Due to our current structure we are unable to write taxable receipts for most skate or equipment donations.

    Regulations require us to look up a book value for each pair and we’re not setup to do that at this time. If you plan to donate 50+ pairs of skates and can assist us by providing the model, size and age of skates, we will try and assist with writing a taxable receipt if needed. Please contact us if this is your situation.

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    Cash Donation

    We appreciate all levels of monetary support but really always prefer your used skates and equipment. If you represent a company or would prefer to give a tax deductible donation, please contact us.

    Monetary donations assist us with refurbishing skates (covers, laces, sharpening), helmets (which we?re always in need of), providing the places we support with a slush fund for covering ice time and assisting us with maintaining basic administration expenses. These include insurance, phone lines, business cards and brochures. For information on how to donate, you can contact us at

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    Join Our Volunteer Team

    At Skate to Great, we’re 100% run by volunteers. We couldn’t do what we do without people like you. Bring whatever you specialize in to our volunteer team. You can assist us from home, working whatever hours you can afford to give. We have an online collaboration tool for volunteers from across the country to come together and work on things together. Visit our Volunteer page for more information on volunteer opportunities with Skate To Great.

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    Event Volunteers

    We often need people to represent the Skate To Great booth at events. Please visit our Volunteer page for more information on volunteer opportunities with Skate To Great.

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    Logistics and Sorting Skates

    We require volunteers a few times a year to help sort skates and equipment. If you or someone you know can tell if skates need sharpening please visit our Volunteer page for more information on volunteer opportunities with Skate To Great.

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    Suggest A Charity, School or Program in need

    We’re always seeking places who support deserving kids and at-risk youth getting on the ice. It could be a community program, a charity or a school. We want to assist existing programs with what they do best.

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    Tell People About Us. Share Skate To Great with your friends

    You might not have skates or used equipment, but your friends might. Please like us on and follow us on Twitter @skatetogreat.

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    Create a skate drive with your school, team, or place of work

    Collect skates (hockey & figure skates) and lightly used equipment (sticks, pads and helmets) and drop them at one of our donation locations. Please call the location you’re going to ahead of time. A message was sent to all StorageMart locations from their head office, but donations at some locations are infrequent and staff may not be familiar. If you have any issues with a location knowing about or accepting a donation, please message us and a member of our volunteer team will assist.

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    Notify your local Member of Parliament

    Please contact your local government officials and see if they would like to get involved. Tell them you heard about our organization and see if they could provide Skate To Great with leads for organizations in your community where we could assist. Or request that they write Skate To Great a letter of support, or provide a skate drive at their office.

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    Make A Connection

    Let the people in your life who you think could assist Skate To Great to contact us. We’re always seeking more people across the country that can take what started as a small project to an even greater level. Every connection helps.