Skate to Great pairs donated skates with kids in need

Steve Pasqualotto
Feb 13, 2015

Donation drive in Saskatoon aimed at removing cost barrier to hockey and figure skating.

Donated Skates

Canadian charity, Skate to Great, has opened a donation site in Saskatoon for new and used skates, sticks and helmets. (Steve Pasqualotto/CBC)

“The volunteer organization, Skate To Great, has opened a donation site at FedEx Express in Saskatoon for a week.

The Canadian charity collects new and used hockey and figure skates, as well as sticks and helmets for local charities, schools and community groups.

“We like to break down barriers and make the impossible possible,” said Skate To Great founder Evan Kosiner. “There’s really nothing more rewarding when a kid hits the ice for the first time.”

Kosiner said hockey and skating programs are expensive, so some kids aren’t able to participate. Skate to Great is designed to give kids in need the opportunity to play.

He said people can drop off gently used equipment at FedEx Express, 3703 Millar Avenue, from February 13-20. The equipment will be passed on to local programs.

“The skates we’re going to keep regionally as much as possible,” Kosiner said. ” Sometimes we need certain sizes that need to go elsewhere, so we swap out with a different area of the country and we’re able to ship skates back and forth thanks to FedEx.”

Kosiner said Skate to Great has distributed more than 6,000 pairs of skates in the past two years.

Application forms are on the Skate to Great’s website, “