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Play It Again Sports and Skate To Great (Charity) Partnership for Used Skate

What To Do When A Customer Tries To Donate Skates or other Equipment:

  • Please take the skates or other equipment, value it and credit the amount to Skate To Great. (Create a new account if needed with the following information: SKATE TO GREAT PROGRAM, 875 Don Mills Road, Toronto, Ontario, M3C 1V9, 1 (888) 410-3766,
  • Please issue a receipt for the credited amount to the donor and tell them they can convert this into a taxable receipt by visiting the Skate To Great website ( on the How To Donate page.
  • Ensure that nothing other than the donation transaction is on the receipt.
  • The customer must keep this receipt to send to us as a photo or a scan as part of the process.
  • Please issue a cheque to “SKATE TO GREAT PROGRAM” for the donation value once every 30-90 days. Please mail to 875 Don Mills Road, Toronto, Ontario, M3C 1V9. If you can provide a summary with which donations are being paid please let us know. If preferred, we can provide a Credit Card number you can do a return/credit transaction and credit our Credit Card Account
  • Skate To Great is regularly in contact with Play It Again Sports locations to purchase back new and used equipment from credit received from other donations. We hope to be in contact with your store for upcoming events.
  • All requests for skates to use the credit will be from Skate To Great on official letterhead and usually with a followup call prior to needing them. No one will be showing up for skates unannounced. If you are concerned someone is fraudulently using the account, please contact us.
  • Skate To Great never purchases anything on credit. No transaction should be allowed on Skate To Great unless prepaid or using store credit.

Have a question? Please call us at 1-888-410-3766, 9am-5pm Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday if you have any questions or contact us.

The Charity: Skate To Great is a registered Canadian Charity which pairs up news and used skates and hockey equipment with deserving kids and at-risk youth. Skate To Great was Co-Founded by Canadian Olympic Figure Skater and 2014 World Silver Medalist, Kaitlyn Weaver and Serial Entrepreneur and The Governor General’s Caring Canadian Award recipient, Evan Kosiner. Skate To Great supports charities, community programs and schools across Canada where children would not otherwise have the opportunity to skate. Since inception, Skate To Great has been collecting skates at over 100 locations across Canada.

The Partnership: This partnership will have Skate To Great donors, donate their equipment via Play It Again Sports and stores will issue a credit to Skate To Great to purchase helmet, skates and sticks. Stores will receive inventory which was previously being received by Skate To Great. Skate To Great will benefit by no longer needing volunteers to sort and value equipment received and to be able to use credit to obtain helmets and items to keep up with the amount of skates received.

The Process:

  • Donors find Play It Again Sports locations on the Skate To Great website and are given information to prequalify the equipment that they will be bringing in
  • In The Store a representative from Play It Again Sports will value the equipment and put it in inventory
  • The Donor will receive the Play It Agains Sports receipt for the items they donate which they can go back to the Skate To Great (.org) website to enter the receipt information and Skate To Great will convert it into a taxable receipt.
  • The Store will issue a cheque or credit/refund to a Skate To Great Credit Card for the amount of items just received from that donor.
  • The Skates/Helmets/Sticks are now available for the store to sell in their inventory and Skate To Great has received a cash credit to purchase skates, helmets and equipment back from Play It Again Sports in exact sizes, without prior issues Skate To Great had revolving around collection and distribution.

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