StorageMart and Skate To Great (Charity) Partnership for Used Skates

What To Do When A Customer Tries To Donate Skates or other Equipment:

  • Skate To Great is now only collecting skates at six StorageMart locations across Canada. Occasional exceptions can be made if you contacting us by [clicking here] of calling toll free at 1-888-410-3766. Please have donors review the Skate To Great website at for a current list of donation locations. All Play It Again Sports locations across Canada are collecting skates and equipment. More information regarding collection below.

    StorageMart Skate To Great Collection Locations

    Toronto 875 Don Mills Road, Toronto, ON M3C 1V9 (416) 607-6070 x 2 s3025 [at]
    Calgary 15216 5th Street SW, Calgary, AB T2Y 2E7 (403) 256-0585 x 2 s3302 [at]
    London 328 Commissioners Road West, London, ON N6J 1Y1 (519) 474-1242 x 2 s3001 [at]
    Vancouver 1311 East Kent Avenue, Vancouver, BC V5X 4T6 (604) 323-2629 x 2
    Montreal 255 Shannon Street, Montreal, QC H3C 2J6 (514) 954-1833 x 2 s3107 [at]
    Regina 495 Maxwell Crescent, Regina, SK S4N 5X9 (306) 721-5909 x 2 s3203 [at]

For the preceding locations collecting skates, helmets and sticks:

  • Please only collect Skates, Helmets and Sticks. We are no longer accepting pads, jerseys, or other hockey equipment at StorageMart locations.
  • Skate To Great cannot provide taxable receipts due to StorageMart locations not having proper valuation skills necessary for Canada Revenue Agency guidelines. Play It Again Sports locations across Canada can value and provide receipts if a donor would prefer to donate there. Please advise them to check out our website for more information.
  • Please store skates in the internal storage unit or set aside a 5 x 5 for skate donations. Your District Manager can assist with this if needed.
  • Whenever skates become too much please call us at 1 (888) 410-3766 or contact us for us to create a FedEx pickup.
  • We likely will send FedEx who supports Skate To Great to handle your pickup. If there is anyway during quieter periods that you could box the donation and bill the boxes/tape to Skate To Great, this will assist with a timely pickup by FedEx. Again, please only collect sticks, skates and helmets.

Have a question? Please call us at 1-888-410-3766, 9am-5pm Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday if you have any questions or contact us.

The Charity: Skate To Great is a registered Canadian Charity which pairs up news and used skates and hockey equipment with deserving kids and at-risk youth. Skate To Great was Co-Founded by Canadian Olympic Figure Skater and 2014 World Silver Medalist, Kaitlyn Weaver and Serial Entrepreneur and The Governor General’s Caring Canadian Award recipient, Evan Kosiner. Skate To Great supports charities, community programs and schools across Canada where children would not otherwise have the opportunity to skate. Since inception, Skate To Great has been collecting skates at over 100 locations across Canada.

The Partnership: Skate To Great and StorageMart have been collecting skates together to benefit deserving kids since 2012. Previously all StorageMart locations across Canada were collecting skates. However, due to increasing demand on resources, currently only six StorageMart location accept donations. StorageMart stores skate inventory and provides storage lockers for Skate To Great to assist with its programs. We can’t thank the StorageMart team enough for your continued support and financial gifts under your Charity Storage program. We thank you for all your help and hospitality around StorageMart locations in Canada.

The Process:

  • Donors find select StorageMart locations on the Skate To Great website and are given information to prequalify the equipment that they will be bringing in.
  • In The Store a representative from StorageMart will collect and store the equipment until you wish to have it picked up and contact Skate To Great.

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