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Skate To Great provides skates to charities, schools and community programs. We are not currently setup to provide skates to individual children. If you are seeking skates or a skating program for your child, we invite you to check out programs in our Community Organizations page.

We offer support to any child or youth whose mental, physical or emotional development is negatively affected by obstacles occurring on a physical, familial, financial, and/or environmental level. This includes, but isn’t limited to, children whose healthy development is being impeded by abuse, neglect, violence, poverty, and/or addiction.

Since Skate To Great works in collaboration with local not-for-profit organizations that are highly in tune with the needs of their respective communities, we prefer to select charities, schools and community organizations that offer their services and support on a monthly basis.

Applications for assistance will be assessed and determined by a dedicated selection of staff and volunteers before being certified as qualifying. Applicant information will be shared with our review committee for review and assessment.

Skate To Great reserves the right to alter, amend, and/or cancel our program(s) and/or the eligibility criteria thereof without notice.

Please apply below or let us know of an organization which is in need by contacting us.

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