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Which is the closest urban city from the drop down list below to your location? Skate To Great has regional sorting centres to assist with the sorting of skates. We do earmark skates collected from your region to in all instances wherever possible to go back to your region or swap them on a 1:1 basis if more of a particular size is required in a different city to honour your impact. Sometimes this isn't possible or there are more or less skates requested from your region vs. a nearby region. We understand making a difference in your community is important and thus we try to ensure that skates after sorting are shipped back to local organizations and prioritized as requests come in.

Thanks for wanting to Ship Your Skates! We are only opening this up to select cities for limited periods and each request has to be approved by a volunteer of the Skate To Great team. Due to high demand if we have met or exceeded our ship your skates quota, we may have to deny your request. If your request is denied, we ask you either donate at one of our donation locations on our donation location map, or reach out to a nearby school, place of worship, community program, or charity that may wish to have your used equipment and is closer to your location. Skate To Great is all about putting your old skates to good use. We thank you for being involved with our initiative.

We are currently only seeking skates, helmets and sticks that are in suitable condition to receive basic refurbishment if needed and provided to a deserving kid.

If approved we need you to place a PDF shipping label we send you to your bag, do you have a printer to print out a PDF label?

To ship items we need them boxed or in a hockey bag you wish to donate with a shipping label appended. Most couriers who will come to pick up your skate can assist with appending the shipping label or providing a plastic pouch if asked if you have it printed.

Please provide the approximate length, width, height and weight of the said items.

Item nameLengthWidthHeightWeightUpload pictureAction

Are your skates being picked up from a residence or a business?

Description of what you are donating and quantities:

Please select three days and times next week (7 days from now) to allow time for us to review your pickup request.

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Any further pickup instructions or contact information for whom to ask for?

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